Top Ten Charity Campaign Beneficiary School

《十大义演》在过去29年通过各界热爱华教人士的支持 和捐款,成功为本地逾625所面对经费不足的华校和团 体筹获总额超过4亿5838万令吉的发展基金。让原本面 对学校基本设施不足、缺乏软硬体设备,惨遭白蚁侵蚀 的校舍、课室等逐步获得提升与改进。



Top Ten Charity Campaign Beneficiary School

Top Ten Charity Campaign has over the past 28 years through many supports from all walks of life, successfully raised more than RM 438 million Chinese education development funds for over 613 beneficiaries.

We will continue to nurture its close relationship in upgrading the level of education among the Chinese community and a more knowledgeable workforce and develop the leaders of the future.

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